Auto Repair Shop SEO Atlanta

Search Engine Optimization for your auto repair shop can help to crush your competition and lead you to the top ranks for major auto repair related keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is by far the best marketing strategy that you can invest in, in a world where the web is the king, and nearly half of the mobile phone users perform an online search to look for a local business. Let’s say you own “Sam’s Auto Repair” in Piedmont, Atlanta. Your aim should be to be at the top of search engines for “auto repair shop in Atlanta”. With these keywords alone being searched for more than 1000 times each month, SEO could help to put you in front of thousands of potential customers.

Benefits of SEO for auto repair shops:

  • To begin with, SEO will help to make your website more user-friendly. This comes from the use of good on-page SEO techniques, which go on to improve the functionality of your website.
  • The people who visit auto repair website following an SEO campaign will be targeted users, with a great chance of converting into customers for your business.
  • SEO opens the doors of your business to social media platforms and mobile marketplaces, expanding the scope of your auto repair business.
  • Attaining top positions of the SERPs through SEO is a great tool to promote your online brand reputation, and establish yourself as a reliable brand in the auto repair world.

Why Centex Technologies:

  • We follow a holistic approach to drive awareness and traffic to your auto repair business, by the use of social media, PPC, and other online marketing channels, along with well-established SEO techniques.
  • We understand the need to evolve with the times, and make a constant effort to update our SEO techniques to keep up with the current demands of the web.
  • We lay special emphasis on local SEO, which is of key importance when it comes to auto repair shops in Atlanta. We make sure that when someone searches for an auto repair shop in the region, they find you, and can easily contact you or visit your office.
  • We keep you involved throughout the process of building an SEO campaign for your business. We also help you to use analytics tools to constantly analyze the progress being made. This helps you to be able to sustain the results of SEO for your business in the long run.



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