Local SEO

Atlanta based local SEO services targets local customers near a particular business location. This form of internet marketing is especially important for businesses that rely on customers near their business location. Our local SEO services are a comprehensive package including local citations, Google Places, Google Plus, Bing local, Yahoo local, and other local search services, which work to improve your online visibility to people residing in Atlanta. The benefits of adopting a local SEO strategy can be gauged from the fact that a whopping 90% of people who conduct local searches are ready to make a purchase and end up visiting the business location or calling the business.

Local SEO Benefits:

  • Search traffic that is locally focused is more accurate and hence has a higher rate of purchases and conversions. This is because the customers are guided to the specific landing page relevant to their search as opposed to the home page of your website.
  • The pervasiveness of universal search leads to local business listings ranking high on SERPs.
  • Once your business is established in Atlanta based local search results, this gives you a competitive edge in your industry, since even other companies follow suit, you shall already have a spot in the first page of the search.
  • Since local searches are accompanied with a detailed map, directions and contact details, this increases the likelihood of the customers being able to easily locate the business and hence make a purchase.
  • Local SEO is a cheaper marketing option than most other strategies, which makes it a great choice for small and medium businesses.

Why Centex Technologies, Atlanta:

  • We ensure that your local Atlanta based search engine listing is complete with rich detail, and well optimized. We further strengthen your listing by using citation sites, which help to build search engine trust.
  • We build a holistic local SEO plan for your business by creating and optimizing local citations and listings as per your business needs, with an aim to strengthen online branding and target local customers in Atlanta.
  • We carry out detailed SEO keyword research for your business, as per the region being targeted, to ensure the most relevant keywords to attract targeted customers to your business.
  • We also adopt effective strategies such as optimizing videos and images for your local business, ensuring you are at par with the demands of the present digital age.
  • Our local SEO strategies are balanced and detail-oriented, including essential components like keyword-focused content publishing and blogs, all of which increase the results of these strategies for your business manifold.



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