Mobile Website Development

Having a mobile version designed for your website helps to make your website accessible to the increasing number of users who use their mobile devices to browse the internet. Such a website is compatible with smart-phones, tablets, and mobile phones. Our mobile web development services help you to tap on the immense potential that these “mini computers” with high-definition displays and multiple features have to offer. Along screen resolution, and operating system being used, these mobile websites are also built with focus on page load times, overall presentation, and ease of navigation. It is important to consider the desired user experience and aesthetics of the average mobile site user while designing a mobile site. We at Centex Technologies, Atlanta create mobile/ smart phone friendly websites for our clients.

Benefits of mobile web development:

  • Mobile websites help create a similar experience to an app, without the user having to go through the hassle of getting a download.
  • Adopting responsive web design can help your website to be adaptable to different sizes and types of devices, including tablets.
  • The high degree of dynamism particular to mobile sites makes it simple to upgrade them and update content.
  • Adopting mobile SEO and having your mobile site listed in industry-specific directories can make it simple for visitors to find your site.
  • The ease of sharing a mobile site among users helps to spread word about your business without you having to put in any specific effort.
  • Along with being easy to build and considerably cheaper, mobile sites also have a long shelf-life, making them a highly sustainable option.

Why Centex Technologies, Atlanta:

  • Centex Technologies is a leading web design company in Atlanta. We help you create a highly streamlined version of your existing website, with focus on a clean, crisp appearance, and fast-loading pages, catering to mobile search habits.
  • We pay key attention to fine details of designing a mobile site, which include features like “clickable” phone numbers and easy-to-tap links.
  • All our mobile websites are designed to look great on a large range of platforms. We cater to nearly all popular mobile platforms, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile, and BlackBerry.
  • We give you a wide range of options regarding what you want from your mobile website, ensuring that the end product is one that specifically caters to your individual needs.
  • We offer a wide range of additional features to give a cutting edge to your mobile site, such as video support, HTML 5, social media integration, Google Analytics, multi-language support, etc.



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