Restaurant SEO Atlanta

Restaurants make for one of the most-searched local businesses, with people constantly turning to the web for advice on the best places to eat. However, with all the pressure in the restaurant business, it is no wonder that most restaurant owners end up settling for inferior websites that hardly anyone ever visits because of them being invisible to search engines. What restaurant owners need to understand is that food is an experience and their aim should be to recreate that experience to their users through their websites. Here is a look at some of the top ways in which restaurants in Atlanta GA can benefit from SEO:

  • Restaurant SEO helps to build your brand image. You can decide how you want to be perceived by potential and existing customers, and structure your SEO campaign around that image.
  • One of the most important benefits of SEO for your restaurant is better SERP rankings for local searches. Local searches have a relatively high conversion rate, and there are good chances of these users actually walking into your restaurant.
  • SEO allows you to make use of features like rich snippets, through which you can market more than just your restaurant’s name in the first glance. For instance, you can add a snippet of your head chef, opening hours, or simply a map marker with your contact details.
  • Once you make use of SEO services to get high rankings on leading search engines for your website, you can use your website and social media pages as tools to reach out to your customers. Right from updates on the latest item on your menu, to information on special discounts, the options are endless.

Why Centex Technologies-

  • At Centex Technologies, we ensure that the focus remains on the overall customer experience, instead of merely focusing on what will game the search engines.
  • We understand the importance of branding for your restaurant, which is why we lay major emphasis on providing the best content on your website.
  • Having extensive experience in the SEO industry, we adopt the most trusted and sustainable techniques for SEO for your restaurant, ensuring that you not just get to the top, but stay there.
  • We understand the importance of local SEO for restaurants, which is why we adopt a comprehensive local SEO strategy, covering all critical aspects such as restaurant directories, Google Places, and Google+ Local.



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