Creating A Meta Description For SEO

Meta description is a short snippet which summarizes the contents of a webpage. Search engines usually show the Meta description of the search results or create a description based on the content of the page that is highly relevant to what the user is searching. This is the reason, why Meta descriptions play an important part in on-page SEO. It generally appears under the URL of the pages in search results and when people share your articles over the web.

To view Meta description, right click anywhere on the page and select ‘View Source’ to look at html content of the page.

It would look something like this,

<meta name=“description” content= “description of the webpage.”>

How To Write A Good Meta Description

  • Keywords: Adding important keywords in the Meta description of your web page can be highly beneficial. The search engine will highlight any keyword in the description that exactly matches the search query of web user.
  • Make It Precise: Make sure that the Meta description, you write for your web page, seems legitimate and not spam. Do not overstuff it with keywords or technical jargons.
  • Informative: A Meta description is meant to be informative and relevant. So, include the information that is useful for the web user. Ensure that the description reflects the content of the page.
  • Unique Meta Description: The smartest move is to write separate & unique Meta description to describe the contents of different pages on your website i.e. there should be different description for homepage and other category pages. This will help you in avoiding generic descriptions.
  • Appropriate Length: The length of the Meta description plays a very important part. It should neither be too long nor too short. A Meta description loses its essence if it is too long and if it is too short, it will not convey the idea and be futile in serving its purpose. Ideally the Meta description should have an approximate of 160-320 characters.
  • Include A Call-To-Action: An effective Meta description contains a call-to-action. It should invite users to visit your website.
  • Competitor Check: Do have a look at how your competitors write Meta descriptions for their webpage. This will give you an idea about the necessary information and you will also be able to figure out ways to make your Meta description stand out from others.

A well drafted Meta description will help in increasing the click through rate as well as traffic towards your webpage. For more information on various SEO parameter, contact Centex Technologies at (404) 994 – 5074.



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