Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps a business website rank higher on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Well, this is the traditional definition of SEO that we are well versed with, but is it all?

No! There is lot more to SEO, numerous things that go along into the process. A number of questions might just pop up in your mind so, here we have listed the frequently asked questions about SEO –

• Question – Does Content Influence Google Rankings?

Answer – It is important to have high quality content in order to secure better google rankings. A website with rich content along with appropriate keywords is all that you need.

• Question – What Is The Difference Between Organic And Paid Results?

Answer – Organic or Natural search is one that matches the user’s search query. They appear on the search results based on their relevance in accordance with user’s query. Whereas paid or inorganic results are the links which the advertisers pay for to make them appear at the top of the search feed.

• Question – Why Are Backlinks Important?

Answer- They are highly instrumental in improving your website’s ranking. They are building blocks for effective SEO and are links directed towards your business website.

• Question – Is There A Penalty For Linking To Bad Websites?

Answer – Yes, you might be penalized by Google for linking out with websites that are not related to your field of business or carry a bad reputation.

• Question – Do Meta Descriptions Matter?

Answer – A Meta description is a brief text that is placed in header of the page and may appear on the search engine page to explain users what your page is all about. Along with keywords it is important to include some compelling content in the description as this encourages readers to click on your website link and open it.

• Question – Should I Hire A Professional To Help Me Out With SEO?

Answer – Agencies that provide professional SEO services can be hired to improve your search engine rankings. They are experts in their field and are also well versed with all types of SEO techniques. Hiring a SEO company is definitely worth the investment.

• Question – What Is Link Building?

Answer – It is a strategy through which hyperlinks (or just links) are acquired from other websites to your own. It helps in boosting the page’s link equity which draws traffic on the website by improving its ranking. There are two types of links – Internal & External link.

• Question – Will Blogging Help In SEO?

Answer – Yes, it is extremely helpful in boosting your search engine rankings. Blogging gives you a plethora of opportunities to create content while optimizing keywords side by side. The better the content that you post in your blogs, higher will you rank organically.

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