Guide To Twitter Marketing

With over 330 million monthly active users as on January 1, 2018, Twitter has opened up a plethora of new opportunities for businesses to market their products or services. People are increasingly tweeting and retweeting, so companies must take advantage of this new rage to market themselves and their products.

Being a great platform for communication and interaction, twitter has much more to it. From being used to share information, do networking, managing reputation online, building brand equity and interacting with customers, twitter has a huge potential to help you grow your business if used the right way. The greatest advantage of twitter is that you can easily engage with people even before they follow you or become your friend unlike other social media websites.

What Is The Right Strategy –

  • Setup An Engaging Profile – The first and foremost step is to have the right blend of all elements to make your profile engaging and interesting. Make sure that your profile has an aesthetically appealing background design that reflects your brand. Also, ensure that you have a concise yet convincing bio to describe your business. Checkout your competitors profile to gain a better insight.
  • inding Target Audience – Your followers can make or break you. The best way to market your business effectively is to target your audience. Add twitter links to your email and forum signature, Facebook pages etc. so that people who are already connected to you can easily find you on twitter too. Also give your followers an option to retweet and share your post with their followers too.
  • Plan Ahead – Start your twitter marketing campaign much before the event. Plan ahead of time to avoid last minute rush. Make sure that you tweet on a regular basis and choose not be a silent spectator only. For this it is essential that you plan your tweets and the time when they are to be posted.
  • Post Engaging Tweets – Tweet such posts which open the door for conversation and interaction on this open platform. You can tweet questions to engage more people. Also, make sure that you reply to the customers query right on time.
  • Twitter Video – Using videos to market on twitter?? Yes, why not. One can record a video up to 140 seconds and directly upload it on twitter. So make the most of this feature and record a video for your followers every now and then.
  • Set Goals & Milestones – You can never succeed if you do not have certain set goals and targets to achieve. It is important to have measurable yet achievable twitter marketing goals. Also there should be some mechanism to check if you are accomplishing the targets or not within the set deadline.

Some Other Tips

  • Use appropriate hashtags.
  • Tweet valuable content.
  • Keep posting regularly to stay in touch with your followers.
  • Add images for shared links.

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