Importance Of Microblogging

Microblogs are concise or say small blog posts with a word limit of fewer than 250 words. The blogs can contain images, GIFs, videos, and audio clips. Microblogging offers a combination of instant messaging and content creation. Instant messaging allows the content creator to send short messages to build interaction and improve engagement with online audience. Most common types of microblogs are news update, memes, quotes, event highlights, user-generated content, and infographics.

The concept of microblogging is appealing to the mobile browsing community due to shorter content length and presence of media. Some examples of microblogging platforms include Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

With rising trend of microblogging in digital marketing, an important question that arises is – Why is microblogging important?

In order to understand the importance of microblogging, it is imperative to understand the benefits of microblogging. In addition to building connections with modern audience, microblogging offers an array of other benefits such as:

  • Reduced Effort: The time required for creating long-form content can be used to create multiple microblog posts instead. Creating multiple long-form blogs in a day is not viable, both creatively and practically. However, a microblog post can be created in a shorter timeframe while maintaining the creative form.
  • Consistency: Being consistent is the key to effective and efficient content marketing. Brands which are frequent at sharing content gain better user engagement. Under such scenarios, microblogging acts as the perfect solution for brands to stay consistent in their interactions with the users.
  • Frequency: It is important for brands to maintain the frequency of posts and updates for maintaining online brand presence and visibility. Microblogging formats are a good way of maintaining the frequency of interaction. Additionally, striking a balance between microblogs and long-form content can help a brand in developing a variety of content for maintaining the curiosity of users.
  • Real-Time Sharing: In order to be ahead of competitors, brands need to create and share informative content in real-time. This is important for brands to build their online authority and gain the confidence of users. For example, a tweet can be a better option for spreading news about a product or service to a larger audience in a shorter span of time as compared to a larger content format news articles.

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