Important Elements of Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming necessary for most of our day to day activities. We use them to browse the web, play games, read news, buy and sell, chat with friends and family, etc. As of January 2021, almost 4.32 billion people actively use the internet on their mobile devices. This number is expected to grow in the future which implies that a mobile friendly website design is crucial for businesses aiming for a strong internet presence.

Some essential elements of a mobile friendly website design are:

  • An Impressive First Impression: To stand apart from competitors on the mobile platform, it is important for your website to capture the attention of potential clients at the first go. This can be done with the help of stunning visuals, the right color scheme, style of icons and buttons, amount of white space and more.
  • Simplicity and Convenience: Navigation and control are primary elements when it comes to a mobile website design.  Keep the format simple and convenient for your users to browse, scroll, choose options, etc. Implement interactive features and intuitive controls such as pinch to zoom, menu options, filtering options, easy navigation and other features.
  • Organized Sections: Even if your website is packed with some of the best features and content, the trick is to present this to the user in an organized manner.  Users appreciate the ability to move through web-pages without losing track of where they are and what they are doing on it. Distinguish important things with the help of headers, backgrounds, boxes and more.
  • Multimedia Content: Using written content exclusively is not sufficient to keep a viewer on a web-page so get creative with other forms of communication such as high quality pictures and videos. Pay attention to how everything looks on different devices and optimize the content accordingly.
  • Appropriately Sized Buttons: To keep your viewer engaged on your website, invest in superior website functionalities. The buttons, icons and links of your website should be of an appropriate size so that a viewer can easily navigate and activate features as needed.
  • Other Elements: A quick search bar makes it easier for users to instantly look for something on a website; a smooth search experience will encourage repeat visitors. Also provide a tap-to-call-button for potential clients to get in touch with you in a single click on the screen. It is an effective way of integrating lead generation.
  • Link to Social Media: Integrate social media as this is where most people spend their free time. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for displaying product pictures and videos.  You can also enrich your website’s content by embedding your YouTube videos.
  • Business Address: The footer of your website should display your contact details in order to make it easy for interested parties to contact you. Also, displaying the complete address of your company adds to your website’s credibility.

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