Important Measures For Authoritative Content

Content is a major part of a successful SEO strategy. The focus lies on creating relevant and newsworthy content that can draw the user’s attention and answer his queries in a simple way. Such content is known as ‘Authoritative Content’. Here are some reasons why SEO professionals need to focus on creating ‘Authoritative Content’:

  • Offering knowledge about services/products and the latest news relevant to business niche helps in establishing business’ authority among online users.
  • Impactful content helps in catching the attention of public influencers and motivates them to share your content.
    Increased content sharing leads to better search engine ranking resulting in increased user traffic.
  • Providing valuable and knowledgeable website content helps in building user trust and improving brand credibility resulting in a higher conversion rate.

In order to ensure the authoritative quality of content, it is important to pay attention to metrics employed by search engines for measuring the authority of content.

  • Information Density: It is an important measure for identifying if your content is authoritative or not. Every document is made up of two parts – factual information and additional words. Information density is defined as the number of facts that can be extracted from a document versus the total number of words. Higher information density is a key characteristic of an authoritative content.
  • Content Style: Adding in-line citations, fact lists, table of contents, and accurate datelines act as indicators of factual content for search engines such as Google. Additionally, when a user reads such content, he is able to find the desired information easily.
  • Writing Quality: It is another metric that is used by search engines for differentiating between authoritative and low-quality content. It includes factors such as the use of correct spelling and grammar. Also, the content should be easy to apprehend with optimal word usage. The content should include sentences of variable length while ensuring that neither of the sentences is too complex to understand. Another writing quality that describes authoritative content is the uniqueness of the content.
  • Media Style: This is also one of the main metrics considered by search engines for identifying authoritative content. Use of annotated graphs (for providing factual information like exact numbers in source code) and unique imagery (that helps in easy apprehension of content) are considerable media styles that facilitate search engines in classifying any document as authoritative content resulting in higher SERP ranking.
  • Click-bait Titles: This is a metric that is used for marking any content as not authoritative. An authoritative content will have legitimate titles that give a glimpse of actual information contained in the document. The titles should not be exaggerated for the sole purpose of inviting a click.

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