Landing Page Best Practices For Improved SEO

A well-placed ad can attract and direct quality traffic towards your business website. However, if the landing page is not designed properly, the users tend to abandon it. This leads to an increased bounce rate and nullifies the impact of ad. Thus, it is important to pay attention when designing the landing page for sustaining the visitors and improving conversion rate.

You can use plug-and-play solutions such as Hubspot, Unbounce, etc. or employ your own developing team to design the landing page. No matter your choice, here are some landing page best practices you should be aware of:

  • Align The Landing Page With Goal Of The Ad Campaign: When a user clicks on an ad, he expects the landing page to provide detailed information about the product/service mentioned in the ad. Thus, consider the ad and its goal before designing the landing page. In nutshell, the landing page should be a continuation of the ad text. For example, if your business ad says ‘Get Ranked Higher In SERPs! Click Here To Learn How!’, then your landing page should explain exactly how to rank higher in SERPs and what services do you provide for facilitating the same.
  • Use Simple Forms: One of the motives of a landing page is to collect customer information for generating leads and pushing them further in the sales pipeline. Therefore, forms are an integral part of landing page design. However, complex forms that require too much information can be intimidating for the users. So, keep the forms simple and use minimum number of fields to collect only the information that is necessary for you.
  • Test Your Design & CTAs: Keep in mind the page layout when writing a copy for your landing page. Use headings, subheadings, bullets, etc. to make it comprehensible. Once you have written a few copies, test every copy and Call-To-Actions (CTAs) to choose the copy design and CTA that resonates with your audience to drive best results.
  • Keep The Design Straightforward: Avoid using numerous dropdown menus or display ads to minimize distractions. Use an appealing yet simple format by including text hierarchy, brand color scheme, text flow, etc. so that the audience can easily find the information and CTA buttons.
  • Mobile-Friendly & Fast To Load: It is important that the landing page should be compatible with multiple devices and screen sizes. Also, make sure that the images or videos embedded on the page are not too heavy as that may slow down the loading speed of the page.
  • Put Important Information Above The Fold: When arranging the information on the landing page, put the important information above the fold so that it catches the eyes of any visitor. It may include information about your services, CTA and other related fields. Secondary information such as testimonials, case studies, client logos, your terms & conditions, suggested content, etc. can be put below the fold.
  • SEO: Use optimization techniques such as unique URL, Meta Tags, Image file names, etc. to improve the performance of your landing page.

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