Landing Page Conversion Rate: What Is it & How To Improve It?

A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertizing campaign. It is the page where a visitor ‘lands’ after clicking on the link provided in a marketing email, social media ad, a search engine advertizement, or a search engine snippet. Landing pages are designed to serve a single purpose – Call To Action.

What Is Landing Page Conversion Rate?

The term defines the number of users who make the final purchase out of the total user traffic visiting the landing page.

How To Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate?

The main purpose of a landing page is to motivate the visiting users to click on the CTA button and increase the conversion rate. Thus, it is important to pay thorough consideration when designing the landing page.

Here are some tips to improve the landing page conversion rate:

Language Of The Content Matters: In order to motivate the users, it is important that the language of content resonates with the audience. The simplest way of deciding the accurate language is to understand the audience.  So, consider the gender, age, ethnicity, family status, income, occupation and interests of the target audience to help the visitors feel connected to the brand. Additionally, it is important to know that visitors expect the landing page content to answer one major question – Why they should use the product/services? Thus, make sure that the landing page content answers this question in a clear language.

Keep It Short & Crisp: The users have a tendency to bounce off the pages that do not promise to offer the required solution at first sight. So, it is important to deliver the USP of the product/services in a short, crisp and attractive manner. The ideal way to do so is to write down exactly what your product is or what it offers and then cut it short to just a few words. Be sure to use motivating words without going overboard.

Earn User Trust: People are more inclined to buy products/services from a brand they trust. Adding a few simple elements to the landing page can help in earning user trust. Consider adding a phone number, offering a money back guarantee, including any awards earned by the company, including user testimonials, etc.

Proven Strategies: Over time, some landing page strategies have proven to be highly successful-

  • Match the copy on the ad with the landing page.
  • Clear headline
  • Error-free content
  • Trust indicators (logos, social media handles, guarantees)
  • CTA Button
  • Position vital elements above the fold
  • Visual elements that draw attention to CTA
  • Minimal links

Create An Attractive CTA: The sole purpose of marketing strategies is to motivate the user to click on the CTA button. Thus, it is important to design the CTA to be attractive and clickable. Adopt simple measures such as using imperative language in CTA content, making it stand out from the rest of the page, and adding a sense of gratification.

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