Last Minute Marketing Tips For Holiday Season

Holiday season is a great opportunity for businesses to maximize their revenue. Effective marketing on web using SEO tools is all that is required. As per the reports, 57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads as compared to any other marketing initiative. If you are missing out something, here we have listed certain last minute marketing tips for the holiday season.

•    Use Specific Keywords – The best way to boost your sales in to use specific keywords as they help you generate more ROI. Words like best, free, deal, gift, offer etc. are the most searched words during holiday season and should be effectively put to use in the content. Using appropriate SEO elements like Meta tags & descriptions, title tags etc. can make a huge difference.

•    Add New Content – As per Demand Metric, a global marketing and advisory firm, content marketing is highly beneficial and costs 62% less than traditional marketing tactics. It also holds the power to generate 3 times more leads than those generated through traditional marketing. So, businesses can leverage maximum benefit by generating new content. The content should be customer centric and based on the holiday season sale to lure your target customer.

•    Optimize The Speed – One thing that customers hate is a website that takes too much time to load. No matter what deals you offer, if the website is not optimized then all other efforts go waste. You can reduce the number of redirects needed to arrive at your page, compress the images etc. for optimizing your website performance. When your speed improves, your search engine rankings shall improve along, thus resulting in higher bottom line figures.

•    Use Images & Visuals – An effective SEO strategy is to use images and videos in your advertizing campaign. Focus more on keyword categories for which images and videos are searched on web.

•    Use Other Channels Of Digital Marketing – Businesses can opt for a variety of other digital marketing options such as pay – per click or Facebook ads. They can harness social media to announce special discounts and sales. Also they should send emails or holiday cards to their customers as this helps in building brand equity. All these tools if effectively utilized can result in optimizing the marketing efforts required for boosting holiday sales.

•    Work On Your Weak Points – To maximize the revenue your marketing game needs to be on-point. Use Google Analytics, for a data driven analysis. Try to evaluate which pages are generating less leads and focus on improving them. Make sure that all the business- consumer touchpoints are highly optimized.

•    Insist On Getting Reviews & Feedback– Consumers nowadays read reviews of your product online before actually buying it. Make sure that your satisfied customers leave a review online about your product or service.

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