Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Meta Descriptions

Meta description is a short description with 160 to 320 characters which summarizes a page’s content. It is a vital aspect of on-page SEO and has a great influence on potential customers as these descriptions appear on search engine page results under the link. So it is important to write an optimized meta description to rank higher on search engines. Following are some mistakes to avoid while writing a meta description –

  • Using Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Duplicate meta description is although not penalized but it is best to avoid using it. Try to make the meta description as unique as possible as it can be misleading for viewers if all your pages have very similar meta descriptions. In case you do not write meta descriptions for each page then Google will generate it on the basis of the content of your page.

  • Character Count

Writing either too long or too short meta descriptions is a wrong practice. If it is too short it will not convey the idea of what the page is about. If it is too long then it might be truncated.

  • Not Using Keywords

The biggest mistake you can commit is not using keywords in the meta description. If you do not use meta description which is relevant to your page then Google will automatically use a snippet based on the content which may or may not contain the keywords. Make sure that you use keywords that are relevant to the page’s content and are based on what customers search for.

  • Not Using The Right Schema

It is important to structure your meta description. If you are unsure about the schema, then checkout the meta descriptions written by your competitors for their respective web pages. You can also take help of Google’s guidelines to optimize your meta description.

  • Avoiding HTML Tables For Direct Answer Queries

Google gives preference to websites that provide direct answers to searchers and displays them on top. In such a case, use HTML tables as title description as they can help you provide direct answer queries.

  • Boring & Unimpressive Meta Description

Nobody wants to read an unimpressive meta description that is devoid of any creativity. Make sure that the meta description you write uses right amount of keywords. This will help you increase traffic for your website. To do this –

  • Be specific in what you offer
  • Add an element of curiosity
  • Use symbols as well as numbers
  • Include a call-to-action

High quality meta description can make a difference for your website. Spending some time to write meta description is definitely worth the effort and can be instrumental in effective SEO marketing. For more information, feel free to contact Centex Technologies at (404) 994 – 5074.



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