Need of a Responsive Website

A responsive business website is the need of the hour for any business that wants to carve a niche for itself in the market. A responsive website is designed to provide a superior viewing experience on a variety of devices. A good website improves a user’s experience by saving time spent on resizing, scrolling and panning.

Let us take a look at some reasons for having a responsive website:

  • Higher Mobile Usage: Most people own smartphones nowadays making it all the more important to have websites that are easy to interact with. A responsive website makes it easier for a user to browse on a mobile-version of a website.
  • Online Shopping: As the usage of mobile devices is increasing, so is online shopping. A large number of people prefer shopping on their mobile devices due to its convenience. Keeping this in mind, websites need to provide a seamless experience for faster and better shopping.
  • Better SEO Rankings: Google appreciates responsive website designs as they perform better when it comes to search rankings. A responsive website uses a single URL as opposed to others with different URLs for separate versions of their websites.
  • More Adaptive to Multiple Devices: A responsive website is necessary for greater adaptability to multiple devices and screen sizes. Businesses need to be future-ready for all kinds of smartphones and tablets. Pictures, videos and written content should be able to load fast without compromising on resolution and clarity.
  • Higher Social Media Consumption: Social media consumption is also on the rise and most businesses tap into its potential for their growth and success. Sharing links from social media sites to ones website generates higher traffic from mobile devices. So, a responsive website helps in handling increasing traffic effectively without affecting user-experience.
  • Increased Brand Loyalty: When a user has a smooth user-experience on a website, it automatically raises the bar of the business. The business is perceived as professional and the website is likely to attract repeat customers.
  • Better User Experience: The goal of creating a responsive website is to provide a great user-experience for potential clients. A better user experience implies higher website conversions, superior brand perception and fewer bounce rates.
  • Cost Effective: Having a single website that is responsive helps in saving costs. A business has to focus on how a single website performs instead of catering to different websites for mobile and non-mobile platforms. By investing in a single site and its design, a business can effectively cater to the requirements of different devices and visitors

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