Positive Impact Of Semantic Search For SEO

Resorting to effective SEO is no longer a choice but a necessity for businesses today. This is because effective SEO helps them improve their search engine rankings as well bottom line figures.

Earlier, SEO was all about following some specific formulas to make one’s website rank higher on search engines. Based on rigid use of keywords, search experiences were quite frustrating for users.  It was only in early 2000s that Google took some measures to improve the way SEO was done with an aim to make it more user centric. The idea was to provide users an accurate as well as quick response to their queries.

Albeit, even today most businesses understand the importance of SEO but do not know much about its working and the magnitude of change it can bring if done effectively. However, with Hummingbird algorithm onboard, there is much more focus on user intent and experience which has had a positive impact overall.
Let us discuss about the benefits of semantic search:

  • Intuitive Search Results – Change in algorithm has enabled easier and more intuitive searches which has resulted in better user experience. Search results are accurate and faster than ever before. There is absolutely no place for irrelevant keyword based SEO framework as semantic search is based on the idea behind the search.
  • High Quality Results – Semantic search SEO fills up result pages with information relevant to original query. Google makes sure that answers are presented in such a way such that the user is not required to not click on URL to check out contents of webpage. Rather, he/she can take a glimpse of the page’s content through snippets, tables, charts, maps, etc.
  • Better Content – Now people can enter search queries in the language they talk which has made it easy for them to make a search. There is less emphasis on keyword stuffing and businesses are now required to write relevant, useful and high quality content that is informative.
  • Optimized User Value – The ultimate aim of semantic search is provide value to users and enrich their search experience. SEO implementers will now have to think realistically about the questions that users will actually be asking as just using specific keywords is not the target any more.
  • Less Emphasis On Keywords – It is important to use the right keywords but the practice of only following a keyword based framework does not work any longer since there is more emphasis on intent.
  • More Content Flexibility – Content writers can unfurl their imagination and creativity as they are no longer bound to use a certain set of keywords. They can use relative phrases, synonyms etc. thus paving way to a better and more optimized content.

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