Role Of SEO During COVID

As the world struggles through COVID-19; e-commerce, curbside delivery, and buy online and pick up in store have become new normal. Consumers are seeking assistance from social media and search engines to find services, products and businesses to meet their requirements. This has casted an impact on digital content as a study has predicted about 60% rise in video consumption.

This emphasizes on the role of SEO for businesses during COVID. Here is why:

  • Search Has High Channel Share: A survey has led to results that approximately 53% of website traffic for a business website results from search engines. 83% of search traffic is resulted by organic search while 17% comes from paid search. Thus, this is the right time for businesses to revise their strategies and revaluate how their paid search strategy can support organic search. Companies also need to focus on how they can drive more traffic to their digital content and feed consumers’ need for media while furthering their brand goals.
  • SEO Ensures Excellent Long-Term Traffic Equity: SEO helps in earning higher search engine rankings that can be persistent for years. Digital content created and published by a brand today can help a brand in the future as the brands can update the content as per evolving brand goals through economic recovery in post-COVID situation.
  • SEO Impacts User Experience: Optimizing the website and its contents results in a better organized website which is easier to navigate. This automatically enhances the user experience. Take out time to evaluate the website from user’s perspective and find opportunities for improving accessibility. Add missing internal links, improve unclear CTA, correct missing image alt text, etc. Employ SEO best practices to make your website a smooth experience for users.
  • SEO Offers Conversion Optimization: The underlying motive of creating digital content is to improve conversion rate for the business. As studies reveal high media needs of consumers during COVID-19, it is the right time for brands to fill the gaps in consumer’s purchase journey by providing quality content. Depending on the nature of business, it might not be the time for conversion of prospects to sale for some brands. However, these brands may create content to convert the prospects to different actions such as signing up for newsletter or updates, participating in surveys, etc. to deepen the business-client relationship and improve sales at a later time.

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