Role Of SEO For Business Growth In Post COVID Market

COVID-19 has led to precautions including limited interactions to ensure safety. This has changed the way customers interact with the brands. Thus, businesses need to change their marketing strategies as well to cope up with the changed customer behavior. A major observation is that as people prefer to stay inside the boundaries of their home, they prefer online interactions with the brands.

How Does SEO Help?

  • In order to grow and succeed, businesses need to be found by the consumers. Consumers are conducting online search to find brands that may provide a solution for their need. So, it is imperative for businesses to increase their visibility in search results. SEO strategies help in improving the website ranking in SERPs. This helps in increasing the chances of user clicking on the business website and making the purchase.
  • As a large number of consumers are turning to online solutions to meet their needs, businesses need to provide excellent online experience and engaging content to stay ahead of their competitors. On-page SEO strategies and relevant content creation help businesses in improving user experience to reduce bounce rate.
  • SEO strategies such as creating mobile friendly content help businesses in targeting mobile users. It is an important strategy as majority of user traffic comes from mobiles or smartphones.
  • Social media has observed an increase in number of users and average time spent by a user online. This increased usage of social media can be used by businesses as an opportunity to market their products or services by creating and sharing relevant and engaging content.

Key SEO Tips That Can Be Helpful In Post COVID Market:

  • Coronavirus pandemic will end eventually, but it is true that its impact will be long term. So, create an SEO strategy that amalgamates short term and long term goals.
  • Target COVID related keywords, but make sure that the content does not spread negativity or false rumors. Instead focus on creating content that informs customers on how your product or service can answer their needs during COVID. A simple example of such topic is ‘Prevent Neck Pain While Working From Home During COVID-19’.
  • Target broader terms and trending themes such as ‘virtual’, ‘DIY’, ‘indoors’, ‘in-home’, etc. to stay relevant and appeal to a larger consumer base.
  • Focus on Local SEO as people are searching for nearby businesses for home delivered services and physical visits.

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