SEO Strategy For Small Businesses

A website’s rank on the search engine result page plays a key role in initiating user traffic. So, it becomes extremely essential to understand the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and implement it in the best possible way.

As most customers visit a site recommended by Google, small businesses need to design effective SEO strategies to target web users. Also, it is vital to keep up pace with the Google algorithms that are updated regularly.

Let us discuss some SEO strategies that small businesses must adopt:

  • Generate Relevant URLs: Default URLs based on the page content or blog title might be long as well as irrelevant. So, make sure that you create a short yet pertinent URL that justifies your web page’s address.
  • Opt For A Responsive Web Design: In order to optimize the user experience, it is very important for small businesses to have a responsive web design. Make sure that users can check out the website on devices with different screen sizes without any hassle.However, there are numerous things that a business needs to keep in mind. First of all the web design should be functional. Do not barter the functionality and user experience for a catchy web design. Secondly, try to keep website navigation as simple as possible. Also, check your website’s speed using Google PageSpeed Test. Apart from that you can enhance the speed of your web page by optimizing images.
  • Be Visually Appealing: A website has to be visually appealing with high resolution pictures as well as organized text to catch and hold the visitor’s eye.
  • Know Your Target Audience: SEO helps in generating quality traffic for businesses. So, it is important to identify your target market first and design your SEO strategies accordingly. This is because applying the right strategies on wrong people will not improve your conversion rates.
  • Choose The Right Keywords: Do a keyword research once you have identified your target audience. Opt for a long tail keyword that includes 3 or more than 3 words to be more descriptive and product-specific.
  • Post Informative Content: Click through rate will be higher when you post content that is relevant to the user. Make sure to add informative videos and images apart from the text on your blog.
  • Be Mobile Friendly: Most traffic is generated through mobile devices. This is the reason, why it is important to provide a seamless mobile experience. A mobile friendly website will lead to faster load time, easy navigation & better user interaction.
  • Local SEO: Local SEO can help small businesses increase their outreach. This can be done by adding city, state, user reviews, etc. so that the website appears on top search engine results.

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