SEO Tips For URL Optimization

URL i.e. Uniform Resource Locator is nothing but a web address that provides unique location to a web page. From SEO point of view, URLS help search engines in indexing information provided on a website.

One of the important question that arises is how to create a SEO friendly URL? Well, here are few SEO tips which you must follow for URL optimization.

  • The URL Should Define What The Page Is About

URLs should contain terms which defines a page. Keywords included in URLs do help in optimizing the webpage on search engines for specific terms.
Do not use automatically generated URLs (i.e. URLs with special characters) instead opt for customized URLs as they are more content centric and help in reaching out the target audience in an effective way.

  • Do Not Use Underscores

It is better to use a dash/ hyphen instead of an underscore to separate words in the URL.

  • Make It Keyword Rich

The best way to optimize your URL is to add keywords in it but make sure that you do not over stuff them. Having keywords in URL will make it easier for users to search you on web and improve your rankings.

  • Length Of The URL

In general, shorter URL’s are a preferred choice. They can be easily shared on text messages, social media platforms and emails.

  • Case Sensitive

Do not use capital letters in the URL. Always keep the whole URL string in lower case only.

  • 301 Redirect Broken Links

Imagine that your page ranks well on the search engine but for some reasons you have to change the URL. This means that no content will be available on the page with the old URL and all the efforts that you made to improve its ranking have gone waste. However, adding 301 redirect from your old URL to the new one can be immensely helpful. Doing so allows you to redirect the users to the web page with new URL.

People tend to notice your website’s URL when they first visit it. So it becomes crucial to structure and plan the URLs in order to optimize them and leverage maximum benefits.

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