SEO Tips For YouTube

YouTube is emerging as a great platform for the organizations to educate their customers about their product or service. Not only does it help them in reaching out to more people but it also creates awareness about their brand.

Apart from creating compelling YouTube videos, it is very important for businesses to use effective SEO techniques on YouTube.

Let us look at some SEO tips for YouTube in order to get organic results:

  • Use Keywords In Video Title: Begin with video keyword research & generate a list of potential keywords. Strategically use these keywords in the title of the video. A title that matches the content of your video is easier to search and also goes well with YouTube algorithm.
  • Add Description Of The Video: Add a description along with your video as it helps in improving the search engine rankings. The chances of getting a higher rank in search engine results increase if the keyword searched by the user matches the first few lines of your video description. Apart from that, using long tail keywords in the video descriptions also boost the video ranking.
  • Quality Content: It is important to create quality video content as user interaction results are also a measure of ranking for search engines.
  • Naming The File: Make sure that you use your keyword to name the file. This helps the search engine algorithm to understand what the video is about and rank it accordingly.
  • Use The Closed Caption Feature: This feature enables the viewer to see text over the video which helps them in understanding the video narration. The text can be translated into different languages which enables you reach out to more people.
  • Encourage People To Subscribe & Comment: Most YouTubers request their viewers to comment on the video & subscribe to their channel. Your video ranks high if a number of users comment on it, as YouTube prioritizes the content that is popular amongst the masses.
  • Design An Eye-Catchy Thumbnail: Although not related directly, the video thumbnail has a huge impact on the SEO. An appealing thumbnail may lead to more clicks resulting in a higher search engine ranking eventually.
  • Build Links To Your Channel: Make sure that you build links to your video as well as channel. This helps in increasing your visibility.
  • Share On Social Media: You must share the videos on the social media platforms on which your target customers participate actively. Apart from helping you stay in touch with your present customers, it also helps you reach out to potential customers, thus maximizing your visibility.

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