SEO Trends To Know For 2021

SEO is an ever evolving field and the key to formulating an effective SEO strategy is to strike the right balance between new trends and tested traditional formulas. The motive is to create a strategy that is in line with the behavior of target users.

Based on the dynamic user behavior, here is a list of top SEO trends to look out for in 2021:

Focus On User And Search Intent: Search intent is the underlying motive why a user searches for a service or keyword. Although focusing on search intent is not a new concept, however, every year it is important to refocus because the search intent is ever changing with changing user behavior. The concept has gained more importance in 2021 after rapid changes that occurred in 2020. A great way to do so is to search for a keyword and analyze the top search engine results. This will indicate the kind of content users are looking for. This understanding helps SEO professionals in creating valid and relatable content.

Customer Analytics, Retention & Lifetime Value: As search engines are evolving their algorithms to offer instant satisfaction, keyword volume will take a backseat in SEO strategy formulation and behavioral analytics will become more important. The emphasis will shift towards understanding what more customers are doing, how they are doing it, what tricks can help them to do it effectively, and reverse engineering this understanding to generate required content. Post-acquisition content will also gain importance for retaining the customers. This content should answer the questions, needs, and concerns of the customers.

Brand SERP Optimization: The entity-based search starts with the search bots identifying who the brand is, what the brand offers, and what the audience will gain by interacting with the brand. This means the SEO professionals need to optimize the brand’s entire digital presence including YouTube channel, social media content, images, etc. and not just the brand website. Some of the activities that should be focused upon in 2021 are –

  • Ensuring complete and correct organization markup
  • Establishing a presence in relevant online databases
  • Claiming your knowledge panel to use the posts by Google feature
  • Setting up Google My Business profile for physical businesses

Core Web Vitals & Page Experience Optimization: SEO professionals need to focus on page experience metrics including page speed, mobile-friendliness, rendering, image optimization, and security protocols. Including page experience in SEO workflow not only helps in future-proofing the business website’s performance but also helps in improving user experience and conversion rate.

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