SEO Trends To Know For Effective Strategy Planning

Dynamic – it is one word that defines the digital trends perfectly and SEO techniques are no exception. Every time Google updates its search algorithm, it causes ripples in SEO equation. In order to drive success, businesses ought to stay updated and alter their SEO strategies to ride on the waves of change. But why is it so important?

Up-to-date SEO strategy plays key role in improving the search engine ranking of a business website and according to research 75% of users don’t scroll past first page of Search Engine Result Pages.

However, it is practically not possible for businesses to match with the frequency of algorithm updates of Google. This issue can be resolved by sieving the updates data and focusing on top SEO trends.

Here is a list of top SEO trends for 2022 to help you plan your SEO strategy effectively:

(Read till the end to see a list of top SEO techniques for 2022 to get you started)

  1. User Intent: As an answer to Google’s Multitask Unified Model update and Google’s act of rewriting Meta title tags to deliver results that answer to the intent behind user’s search, it is time for digital marketing professionals to focus on user intent. It has become imperative for businesses to modify their SEO strategy and create content that targets the users and is developed around user intent & keywords. Irrespective of the content type, video, blog, or web content, it is important to understand the reason for user to search for this content and the consumer’s buying journey.
  2. Content Quality: A common exclusion in Google Search Console is ‘Discovered, currently not indexed’. This happens when the webpage content is created around short-term SEO goals such as digital PR. While such strategies help in achieving short term benefits, they don’t prove to be fruitful in long-term. Analyzing the current trends, it has become evident that marketers need to create quality SEO content that is factual & useful to the users. Webpages that prove to offer expert information on targeted subject matter rank higher in SERPs.
  3. Localization: A new trend that has been spotted across Google SERPs is localization of search results. It has been observed that location say country-specific websites have outranked previously top-ranking global websites. Businesses that operate in multiple countries should consider creating multiple location-specific webpages to keep up with this trend.
  4. Visual Content: It has become normal for younger consumers to use Google Lens to search for a product. Responding to this shift in user search behavior, Google is rewarding websites that use original imagery, videos, or other visual content to list products or services.
  5. Machine Learning: Google’s multi-modal search algorithm has made it clear that the search engine is focusing vividly on search journey rather than individual queries. Google search results feature targeted subtopics funneled out from broader webpages. This indicates that businesses need to focus on data pipelining & natural language generation to feed and train their systems for robust content generation.
  6. Mobile & UX: Google has introduced new tools that support optimization of webpages as per mobile & page experience. This has made it clear that SEO strategies need to focus not only on mobile compatibility but on whole mobile experience. The focus has now shifted to mobile usability including the ease of user interaction, engagement, & content utilization. This will impact Core web vitals on mobile, mobile-first indexing, & mobile security.
  7. E-A-T: This is another popular trend in SEO. E-A-T in SEO stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. It has become important to showcase an apt level of E-A-T in every aspect of SEO, such as website content, link building, online PR, technical SEO, etc. This can be exhibited by creating original content that is factual and holds value to answer user’s query. Including different types of content, for example, reviews, thorough contact details, videos, topics, etc. can also improve E-A-T score of your website.

Formulating or revising your SEO strategy as per these SEO trends can help improve your business website ranking in 2022. While you set out on your SEO journey, here are some SEO techniques for 2022 we promised:

  1. Understand the core web vitals of your business website
  2. Optimize your content for Google Passage ranking
  3. Pay attention to featured snippets on SERPs
  4. Update your online content to target long tail keywords
  5. Understand the importance of user experience & modify your content accordingly
  6. Build your backlinks and focus on earning user trust

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