The Impact Of Voice Search On SEO

Voice search, that was initially used to navigate Google Maps, has now become a preferred tool to explore other options as well. Be it searching for a nearby restaurant, upcoming movie or a recipe, people are actively using voice search instead of typing the whole query. This method has transformed the way people search online, forcing organizations to reconsider their SEO strategies. Let’s discuss these impacts in detail:

Longer Keyword Phrases

The keyword phrases will get longer and become more conversational in nature. For instance, instead of typing ‘Restaurants in Atlanta, GA’, people will enter a voice query ‘Which is the best restaurant in Atlanta, GA’. Therefore, while creating SEO content, make sure that you focus on long-tail keywords, like the phrases which people use in their day-to-day lives. This will improve your chances of ranking high in voice search.

Emerging Trend Of Mobile Search

As voice search is faster and easier than typing a query, its users are gradually increasing over the past few years. This effect, coupled with the rise in the number of people owning a smartphone, produces a significant increase in the mobile search. Presently, more than 50% of the Google searches globally are coming from mobile phones. Hence, mobile-indexing should be your first focus rather than desktop.

Location-Based Searches

The role of location in voice search is very important as these searches are more location-specific. Setting up the website flawlessly for local searches is crucial, specifically if you are running a small business. You need to focus on a few things such as responding to online reviews, registering for Google My Business page, schema markup etc. These methods play a crucial role in ranking of your site high in Google’s local pack.

A simple yet an effective way to find out the impact of voice search on your business’s SEO is by using it yourself. Search for your business by entering a voice query related to your products and services. Also, check if your website loads well on the mobile device and has all features that the audience is looking for.

To learn more about how voice search can impact your business, consult the SEO specialists at Centex Technologies. We can be contacted at (404) 994 – 5074.

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