Tips To Build Effective Mobile Content Strategy

A large number of internet users access websites on mobile phones. Businesses can benefit from this situation by connecting with their consumers anytime anywhere. Taking advantage of this situation can boost sales and profits. This is possible if the businesses engage their consumers by providing right content on the right device by formulating an effective mobile content strategy.

Here are some tips that can help businesses to build effective mobile content strategy:

  • Know Consumer’s Buying Journey: Now-a-days consumers rely on non-traditional channels and businesses need to create consistent customer experiences across all platforms. However, the buying journey differs from individual to individual. So, foremost critical step in formulating an effective mobile content strategy is to understand the consumer journey. Once the marketing professionals know where the consumer stands on his journey to making the purchase decision, they can create relevant content to promote the product and motivate the consumer.
  • Rethink How The Content Is Created:  Globalization has changed the way content is created. In today’s world, marketing professionals need to create content that is relevant across boundaries and can be shared across brands, sites, and languages. Also, the content should be created in a way that it holds its relevance across different versions of the website. A popular approach is to create the content in discrete parts. The individual sections of the content can then be shared with the consumers as they get more interested in the information or progress down the sales funnel.
  • Suit Content To Device: Every device has different viewing experience which is majorly governed by the size of screen. When formulating an effective mobile content strategy, it is important to ensure that the content can be produced and replicated across different devices while it holds its true meaning.
  • Match The Speed:  Consumers are more interested in content that loads faster. Slow loading content can result in higher bounce rate. So, make it a point to optimize the website for mobile content. Also, make sure that images and other media scale automatically as per the consumer’s device.

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