Tips To Choose Right Social Media Marketing Platform

When planning a social media marketing campaign, the choice of social media platform is unique to the type of business, nature of product and style of campaign. No single strategy fits all! Also, choosing to incorporate all social media platforms can reduce the efficiency of the campaign as it may not be possible to track the communication from all social media platforms in an efficient manner. So, digital marketing professionals need to be highly vigilant about the social media platform they choose.

The question here is – How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform From A Pool Of Options?

Here are some tips that can make it easier for professionals to choose the right social media platform for their marketing campaign:

Identify Your Audience: The first and foremost tip is to identify the audience for your campaign. The key here is to be highly specific in defining the audience as it will help in making the decision easier. Answer following questions for creating correct audience profile:

  • Who is your usual customer?
  • What is the age group of your typical customer?
  • Are your products or services gender specific?
  • What is the income and education level of your customers?
  • What are general interests of your customers outside your product/service?

Define The Goals: Once the audience profile is created, the next step is to define the goals of campaign. The most general business goal is to attract customers for higher sales; however, there may be other creative goals as well. For example, some brands use social media to build brand recognition, develop customer relationships, customer support, etc.

Find Your Audience: Now you know the profile of audience and your goals, so the final step is to find the audience. Every social media platform interests a certain group of users more than others. Understand the user demographics of every social media platform and how individuals use a platform to find the platform that resonates with your audience profile and goals. For example, while young users may have a Facebook profile, they are more active on Instagram. Twitter can provide insight into trending topics by checking hashtags relative to your campaign, which helps in generating brand recognition by formulating tweets around trending hashtags. Instagram is a good option for visual-based businesses like art, food, retail, beauty, etc. and for lead generation as it offers wider reach.

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Ø  Who is your usual customer?



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