Tips To Improve Website’s Internal Link Structure

Internal linking is a prominent SEO technique, particularly in the context of content marketing. It influences a website’s search engine crawling, indexation and ranking. It also affects the website’s ease of navigation, user experience and bounce rate. Using internal links in your website’s content provides a clear path to both search engine bots and internet users to gain insights about your business. When it comes to framing your website’s link structure, it is important to understand the three different types of internal links:

  • Navigational Links: These are mainly used to organize the website’s navigation menu. Such links usually include the menu options, side bar and breadcrumb links.
  • Contextual Links: Also known as editorial links, these are located in the body of the website content and direct the users to another relevant page.
  • Footer Links: These serve as a sitemap and help users quickly find some of the most important pages of the website.

Given below are some tips to improve your website’s internal link structure:

  • Use Text Links: Make sure your website includes text links as compared to image links. This is because search engine bots find it difficult to crawl the non-text elements, thus, affecting the proper indexation of the website. Text links will not only improve SEO results but also increase the number of relevant internal links in your website.
  • Add Keywords In The Anchor Text: In order to improve the ranking of your web pages for certain key phrases, you should use those keywords in the anchor text of the internal links. However, you should avoid stuffing the anchor text with too many keywords as it may lower your website’s ranking in search engines.
  • Cross-Link Important Pages: Cross-linking two or more important web pages can improve the PageRank distribution of your website. You can either add relevant links within the text or provide a separate side bar/widget. Cross-linking will allow users to easily find the important information and thereby, increase page views and reduce bounce rate.
  • Use Breadcrumb Navigation: This type of navigation allows the users to view the exact location of any page within the website. With the breadcrumb links, the search engine bots will be able to understand the structure of your website and what each page is all about. If used correctly, breadcrumb navigation can considerably improve your website’s internal link structure.

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