Tips To Increase Email Marketing Efficiency

Email marketing is an effective form of digital marketing that involves sending mails to prospective leads and customers. Effective email marketing strategy can help in converting a prospective lead into a customer and one-time customer into a loyal and repetitive consumer. Thus, it is important to work towards increasing the efficiency of email marketing strategy for generating higher conversions and sales.

Here is a list of tips that can help in increasing the email marketing efficiency for ensuring better results:

  • Update & Verify Email List Regularly: Make it a practice to update the email list regularly. In order to update the list, work on your CTA practices for collecting user information or motivating users to sign up for your email subscription. However, when entering their email address for signing up, it is possible that users may make a spelling mistake, provide a fake email address or may switch to a new email address eventually. In such cases, it is possible for your email to bounce back or land into spam folder. This can cause a negative impact on email delivery performance or even get you labeled as a spammer. Thus, it is imperative to verify your email list regularly by using a verification service or software.
  • Personalize The Email: Consumers may receive numerous promotional emails on a daily basis and are thus likely to ignore your email. Even if, they open your email, it is common for them to delete it without reading the content unless the email grabs their attention. A great way of doing so is to use personalized salutation instead of generalized salutation. For example, using ‘Hello (recipient’s first name)’ can be more impactful instead of a simple Hello.
  • Use Emojis: Emojis have become a fun and effective way to communicate. Using emojis in the subject line is a great way of making your email stand out from others leading to a higher opening rate. However, make sure to avoid large number of emojis and try to keep subject attractive yet professional.
  • Deployment Time: You cannot send an email at a random time and expect all the recipients to read it. Test different deployment times to decide on a timeframe that delivers maximum result. Best way to find a suitable deployment time is to break the email list into segments and send across emails to these segments at different time throughout the day.
  • Double Opt-In List: Some businesses avoid building a double opt-in list as they believe that an extra step can act as a hassle, thus leading to a smaller email list. However, if a user makes an extra effort to opt-in to the email list, this indicates that the user is genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Such a smaller but more responsive email list is more beneficial than a longer list.

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