Ways To Integrate SEO & Social Media Campaigns

When it comes to SEO, it is important to know certain actionable tips for integrating it with social media campaigns. This helps to determine how to improve your website’s search engine ranking through social media platform.

People interact with social media platforms differently than they do it with search engines. Thus, aligning your SEO with social media efforts is essential to maximize your brand’s exposure and improve rankings on social media.

  1. Customer Engagement: Social Media increases your site’s ranking through increased engagement of relevant audience through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Posting creative content on these platforms can fetch audience that finds it useful and also shares it across different social media platforms.  User engagement not only helps to improve SEO but also improves connections which can generate leads for your business. It is important to engage with key contacts for creating familiarity with your brand. Social media can also help to build authentic high quality links from influential websites. Publishing content on channels that are used by influencers increases the chance that they will see it and link to it from their own websites or blogs. Also, social media is helpful as it will link more external sites to your content which in turn increases your Google rankings.
  2. Increase Visibility: High-quality content leads to increased online brand presence. In return, an ever-increasing brand presence will lead to more search queries for your brand on Google over time. One of the best ways to do this is to distribute your already published content beyond the set time frame for the post. This will drive visibility to existing content over time and people will be able to read content that they have missed in the first round of publication; thus increasing traffic to your site.
  3. Identify Important Keywords: Social media allows businesses to promote quality content on several channels. Keyword focused content is essential for site engagement however, it needs to be aligned with the needs and wants of the audience. This can be achieved by monitoring important conversations that are trending on social media platforms. It will give an insight to plan SEO with the core keyword themes that are valuable. Once the content based on these ideas has been created and published, it is always important to distribute it and share it on other social media platforms for more visibility.

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