Ways To Optimize Your Business Website For Voice Search

As voice is the future of web searches, it is important to optimize your business website for it. Not only voice search is gaining importance every day, the trend in purchase for smart speakers and other IoT devices is rising a well. This implies that consumer search is changing which requires us to optimize our businesses, content and websites to keep up with the change. Thus, the probability of businesses performing better with voice search has significantly gained importance.

Importance of Voice Search: Voice search has gained mileage because it is easier for users to speak to an AI assistant rather than typing. Also, the results of voice searches are faster. Therefore, voice search has entered the mainstream and traditionally written commands are losing appeal. Hence, all the software developers or mobile device producers are developing more accurate and effective voice activated tools.

Businesses need to adapt the latest voice search trends and enable their audience to find their website conveniently. Strategies to optimize your business website for voice search are:

  1. List Your Local Business Online: Businesses should keep their profiles and contact information up-to-date. It is important for a local business to get its websites listed on Google My Business and other local search directories. Include accurate opening hours and precise location along with contact number on your website. Also, use location related keywords in your website content and tags to match specific user queries. This is necessary because wearable tech products and smartphones use voice assistants which show fewer results as compared to Google text search.
  2. Use Long-tail SEO: Customers using voice searches means that you will have to deal with increased keyword length because of the nature of human communication. Voice assistants usually deliver answer-like responses for search queries, so using multiple-word keyword will help you to stay at the top of search results.
  3. Use Natural Language: Use conversational phrases in your website content. Also, use relevant content that is easily readable so that it is more likely to pop up in voice search results. As voice search queries typically look for quick answers, it is preferred to use short sentences and concise writing.
  4. Create FAQ Page On Your Business Website: If you want your website to be optimized for voice search, you should be able to provide answers to your readers through a separate FAQ page on the website. This helps you to create questions and answer content which is similar to the way someone would have conversation.

Optimize Website For Mobile Use: A fast loading and a mobile-friendly website is favorable so that the user can carry out mobile voice searches.

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