Ways To Optimize Your Video For Search

Video content is gaining popularity among digital marketing professionals. They are engaging in nature and help in boosting user interest. They also help in improving the user experience because of their short and simple nature. Once you create a video with suitable title and content fabricated around relevant keywords, it is important to make sure that it ranks higher in SERPs for making the desired impact. Also, it is important that the video should rank for both video search as well as universal search. This throws the light on ‘Video SEO’.

Video SEO is a set of tools and techniques that can be used to help your video get indexed and ranked on search engine result pages for relevant keywords.

Here are some SEO know-hows to help you optimize your video for search:

  • Video Hosting Platform: The choice of video hosting platform depends upon the reason you want your video to rank. If your video is indexed using such a general platform, the user traffic goes to the video instead of your website which suffices the agenda of spreading information about your brand, products, and services. However, if your goal is to attract user traffic to your website; then choose a specific platform that supports SEO metadata or other such techniques for pushing user traffic and leads to the parent website.
  • Insert Video Transcript: Video transcript is the text that is paired with your video such as captions. The transcript acts as a page copy which means there is more indexable text making it easier for search bots to understand the video content. This helps in improving the ranking of your video for related search queries.
  • Thumbnail Image: Video thumbnail acts as the face of your video as it is the first thing a user will notice once the video is indexed. So, choose it wisely to cast a good impression. The thumbnail should be both informative and engaging in nature. It should give the user an idea about what the video is about and motivate him to click on the video link.
  • Title & Description: Thoroughly research the keywords and fabricate your title to target the relevant keywords. However, it is not advisable to stuff the keywords in the title and description. The title should make sense and be attractive to the users. Also, the description should help the users understand what the video is about, introduce your brand and provide a link to your main website.
  • Optimize The Page: If the video is embedded on a page of your website, make sure that it is relevant to page content. Also, in addition to optimizing the video, it is equally important to optimize the parent webpage or the search bots may skip your video and it may not get indexed.

SEO is dynamic in nature as the search engines amend their algorithms constantly. Thus, make sure to review your strategies regularly.

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