Website Design Tips For Atlanta Businesses

Your website is the most important element of your Atlanta based business. It provides you the opportunity to showcase your products and help the customers know about your exact location. However, if your website is not designed efficiently, there are much higher chances that you can miss out on thousands of potential customers.

Given here are some simple but useful tips to design a great website for your business:

  • Fast Loading: Although you must create a website that looks appealing to the visitors, make sure that it does not take much loading time. You should incorporate optimized designs that do not take more than 10 or 15 seconds to load. Even if you have the most strikingly crafted website, people will be disinterested if it loads slowly.
  • Easy Navigation: Once a user visits your website, you might want him to stay and browse through your products. For this, you should have a clear navigation menu that makes it easy for the users to find what they want. Make sure the links to important pages are at the right place, preferably on the top right or left of the website. You can also use the footer for providing links. Insert a link for home page on every internal page of the website.
  • Browser Compatibility: People may access your website through laptops, iPads or mobile devices. Therefore, you must opt for a responsive website that can adapt itself according to screen size.  Try to use fonts that look professional and are compatible with most of the devices.
  • Minimize Images: Simplicity is the key to an effective website design. Give a neat look to your website by minimizing the use of large and bulky images that increase loading time. Instead, use eye catching and creatively design icons that can draw a user’s attention.
  • Use White Space Carefully: Avoid cluttering your website with lots of images, colorful fonts and backgrounds. Try to keep it simple by minimizing the use of graphics.  Controlling white space will provide a sense of neatness and capaciousness to the website.
  • Call To Action: To achieve a higher conversion rate, you must provide a ‘Call To Action’ (CTA) button on every page of your website. These can be ‘Request A Quote’, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Contact Us’. CTA buttons can be either on the top corner or along the body of the website that does not require the user to scroll down.

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