What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Stories

Social media is extensively used by businesses to gain customer reach. Almost every feature of social media such as hash tags, mentions and many more are exploited in favor of business benefit. Similarly, stories feature of social media platforms is also beneficial in several aspects of product marketing. It enables direct interaction of businesses and customers at individual levels. Consequently, it even provides an opportunity for limited investment brands to flourish.

This article throws a light upon various other plus points of social media stories.

Connecting With Customers:
Social media stories are basically short lived (for 24 hours) content, usually dispensed at top of followers feed. Apparently, this allows to constantly update business features through social stories thereby binding the customers. Thus, an unbroken link is generated between customer and business with the help of regular updates.

Cost Effective Marketing:
The biggest plus point of social media stories is that it comes free. This make “stories” a very effective marketing tool. Taking the benefit of this feature, small businesses can showcase their expertize directly to the brand followers.

Social media stories can be used to host videos or photographs of behind the scene working of a brand. This helps to increase transparency which is favored by followers while purchasing any product.

Discounts And Offers:
The brands can make customer stick to the stories by offering discount coupons and offers through the stories. Since, stories disappear shortly more offers can be posted benefiting immediate buyers.

Separate Promotion Channel:
Personal feed and stories are separated from each other in the way content is stored. Unlike permanent post on feed, stories remove the content after short time. Thus, it enables posting of almost unlimited content related to the business. Thus, followers may have a glimpse of certain product and take a thorough detailed view in news feed.

Video Stories:
Short duration videos are allowed to be posted on the social media stories. This allows brand to experiment with marketing style and helps to zero-in the right strategy for promoting a product.

Finally, it is concluded that social media is a promising tool for business if used strategically. It can be used to attract more customers and traffic. Moreover, stories provide an exciting experience which compels followers to consider a particular brand. This also allows brands to focus more on the business products and reach to customers easily and quickly.



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