What Makes Web Content Go Viral?

Invention of internet and social media has laid the groundwork for many different types of marketing strategies. Viral marketing is one of these strategies that have gained popularity in the modern scenario. In general, viral marketing can be described as a refined and technological descendent of word-of-mouth marketing.

In order to understand it in-depth, it is important to find answers to some basic questions namely,

  • What is viral marketing?
  • How does it work?
  • What makes the web content go viral?

Let us answer these questions for you!

What Is Viral Marketing?

It is a business marketing strategy that makes use of existing social networks to promote a product/service. The goal of a viral marketing strategy is to motivate the users to share a marketing message with their friends, family, and other individuals resulting in an exponential growth in the number of recipients of the message.

How Does A Viral Marketing Campaign Work?

A viral marketing campaign has three basic components:

  • The message
  • The messenger
  • The environment

The marketing message may be a video, text message, image, game, email, free product, etc. The campaign relies on social media influencers who play the role of a messenger to spread the message among their followers. It is important to curate the message according to the social media platform being considered because every social media platform differs in user characteristics and demography.

The success of a viral marketing campaign depends upon the extent of viewership of the message. In terms of marketing, it depends on how viral the web content becomes. Higher viewership means greater awareness which may lead to an increased number of sales.

What Makes The Web Content Go Viral?

All three components of a viral marketing campaign play an equally important role in deciding how viral the marketing content will be.

  • The Message: The message itself has a great impact on the success of a viral marketing campaign. It should be curated in a way that it should be both informative and interesting. A common technique is to create an interesting video, song, rhyme, game, etc. that introduces the product or brand as a part of the script, but the greater focus lies on the entertainment quotient. The content of the message should be unique and fun in order to motivate the viewer to share it and make it go viral.
  • The Messenger: Choosing the right messenger is an important aspect of kicking off your viral marketing campaign. You may either choose to ask your employees to share the message on their social media accounts or you may recruit a messenger for sharing the message. Irrespective of your choice, it is important to note that the messenger’s public image should resonate with your brand image.
  • The Environment: Study the user demographics of every social media platform, prevailing socio-economic conditions and social media user’s interests while creating the content in order to use the force of environment to make your web content go viral.

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