Basics of Social Media Optimization

With over 4.55 billion active users, social media is a treasure cave for business marketing professionals. Social media platforms have evolved from personal sharing platforms to play a vital role in establishing online presence of a brand & customer engagement.

Role of Social Media in Business Growth:

Social media helps businesses by –

  • Attracting new customers
  • Increasing market reach
  • Conducting market research
  • Gaining customer feedback
  • Lead generation

Defining Social Media Optimization:

It is an umbrella term that includes tools & strategies that facilitate effective use & management of different social media platforms to build brand identity & grow the online presence of the brand. It also includes creation, sharing, & optimization of the content shared across the social media platforms of the business. It poses multiple benefits for the businesses:

  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Improved customer service
  • More customer interaction & engagement
  • Higher consumer reach & lead generation
  • Increased website traffic & ROI

Social Media Optimization (SMO) can be achieved via multiple strategies. Before understanding SMO strategies, it is important to understand how SMO is different from SMM (Social Media Marketing).

How SMO Differs From SMM?

To begin with, SMO is an on-site process while SMM stretches beyond company’s social media profiles and websites & includes off-site activities targeted at promoting products & improving sales.

Under Social Media Optimization, companies optimize the business website content to make it more attractive & sharable across different platforms. However, in case of SMM, the marketing professionals focus on creating social media ads, campaigns, & posts to promote or market a particular product.

Top Social Media Optimization Strategies

  1. Optimize for Different Networks: Every social media platform has its unique features in terms of type of content, user demographics, etc. So, same type of content can not perform well on every social media platform. To earn maximum benefits from social media, define your goals, understand your target audience and formulate targeted social media strategy for every channel.
  2. Content Development Strategy: Focus on creating unique and interactive content for social media channels. Make sure to personalize the posts that adhere to your brand’s image and voice. You can boost user engagement by sharing the journey of your brand or client stories. This helps in gaining user’s interest and motivating them to share or interact with the content. However, the most important point to keep in mind is to avoid duplicate or low-quality content.
  3. Optimize the Social Media Profile: The social media profile of your business should reflect the brand identity. Make sure to use your logo or business creatives as the profile picture. Also, make sure to use color palette & font style similar to the business website to create a uniform image in user’s mind. They should feel connected to the brand through the social media profiles. Also, make sure to use high quality software to create profile pictures.
  4. Add Social Media Plugins: Adding social media buttons on your business website makes it easier for the users to share the posts with a single click. The users can easily share the posts which improves the online visibility of the brand. Increase in the number of shares also helps in building brand credibility and increasing user engagement.
  5. Use Hashtags: Hashtags improve the searchability of the posts leading to increased traffic from targeted users. When you place correct and industry-related hashtags under the posts, users can easily find the posts when they search for the hashtags.

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