Benefit Of Google Street View To Your Business

Google Street View is a technology that provides interactive panoramas from various positions along a street thus increasing online visibility of your business. Featured in Google Maps and Google Earth, it was launched in 2007 and has since then grown into a marketable feature for businesses all over the world. Google Street View facilitates virtual tours, which generate the interest of potential clients in a business.

Google Street View provides numerous benefits to a business, some of which have been enlisted below:

  • Helpful For Researching: Recent studies suggest that customers conduct online research before visiting a store. Most customers judge a store from its interior as well as exterior looks. With the help of Google Street View; customers can enjoy a virtual tour of a store, know what it looks like and even gather valuable information like its infrastructure, business atmosphere, etc.It is easier to target your audience with a tool like Google Street View. When researching for a product or service via a virtual tour, customers are likely to get attracted towards what a store has to offer from the way the store looks, decor, the way the products are arranged/displayed, visibility of what they are looking for and so on.
  • Builds Trust: Customers develop trust in a business which has nothing to hide. By providing customers with a feature such as virtual tour on Google Street View, a business shows the customers that it cares and wants to give the best in terms of experience. This helps in establishing a better connection with customers as they believe that the business is genuine.
  • Customers Make Informed Decisions: Google Street View helps customers make better and informed decisions about a store, its location, parking area and more. They are less likely to get unexpected surprises as they can have access to the information they might need through the virtual tour.
  • Humanizes A Brand: Google Street View and virtual tours are great way of humanizing brands by showing customers why they should opt for a brand. Also, adding pictures gives it a personal touch.

Google Maps Street View is an effective form of passive marketing. It is easier to check out a store once you have heard something good about it. Businesses can leverage the benefits offered by Google Street View to attract more customers.

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