Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are important to help your business in securing first page ranking on SERPs. However, as the search engines keep modifying their algorithms and the customer behaviors change; it has become necessary to update your SEO techniques regularly.

Following are some effective SEO techniques that may be helpful in driving organic traffic to your business website:

  1. Make Your Posts Readable: To keep a user intrigued, formatting is as important as the content itself. Use sentences of varying lengths as long sentences may be hard to read on a mobile or tablet screen. Divide the text into short paragraphs with clear sub-headings to maintain the interest of the reader and guide him through the content. If your data contains facts, ideas or examples; use bullet points to make it easier to read this information. Also, add relevant media, images, videos or graphs instead of displaying plain text.
  2. Using Bucket Brigades: It is a technique used to generate user’s interest & keep him captivated to read the rest of text on the page. As per this technique, an idea is divided into many sentences & trigger words or phrases are used to attract a user. The sentence is generally ended with a colon to show continuity of text. Some commonly used ‘bucket brigades’ are:
    • ‘Here’s the magic:’
    • ‘Let’s take a closer look:’
    • ‘The answer is:’
  3. Improve Page Design & Site Speed: Analyze the pages of your website using various available tools like heat maps that help in recognizing the most clicked areas of your website page. This information may help you in optimizing the design of your webpage for a smooth navigation experience. Also, it is advisable to focus on the loading speed of the website as faster loading websites are rewarded by search engines like Google with higher SERP rankings. You may use SEO tools launched by Google to improve the loading speed of your website. Some of these tools are PageSpeed Insights, Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and Think with Google.
  4. Optimize Your Webpage For Voice Search: With the rising trend of voice-assisted devices, it has become imperative to optimize your webpage for voice searches. As voice searches are more likely to be in an interrogative format & long-tailed, the content should be tailored around long-tail keywords.
  5. Make Use Of Structured Data: Structured data like ‘Schema Markup’ gives a quick idea about your webpage to the search bots. This data is used to rank the pages. So, make it a point to provide specific information in the structured data. The information should be based on well researched keywords.
  6. Use YouTube Videos: YouTube is a popular search engine which understands the information about your video to rank it. Choose a video title that describes the content of the video. It should be both SEO-friendly and interesting to evoke user interest. Write a compelling video description build around target keywords. Also, using customized thumbnails for your videos may increase the number of clicks for your video.

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