Common Social Media Mistakes Made By Ecommerce Businesses

With social media marketing contributing to a large part of online sales, it is a great platform for the ecommerce businesses to expand their customer base. Majority of online shoppers admit that their buying decisions are strongly influenced by recommendations from people in their social networks. Word of mouth marketing is the essence of social media that allows you to present your products to a greater number of potential buyers.

However, many ecommerce business owners embark upon social media marketing without actually knowing how to make the most of it. Discussed below are some common mistakes that should be avoided while marketing your online store on social media:

Acting Without A Plan

In-depth planning is the key to successfully advertize your ecommerce business on social media platforms. You must have an idea about how you are going to attract and engage your potential customers. It is important to remember that people who follow you on social media are already familiar with your business and are mainly looking for more information that guides them in making a purchase. Hence, you should use different lead generation tactics to see which of them delivers results. Experiment with different hashtags, call-to-actions, messages and posts to connect with your prospects.

Post Overload

Thinking that frequent updates will increase user engagement and sales can be a big mistake. An overload of posts may cause the users to unlike or unfollow your business. Therefore, you should create a schedule to post updates throughout the day. It is best to post not more than 1 to 2 Facebook updates and 4 to 5 tweets in a day. This will keep your followers engaged while not inundating their news feeds with irrelevant content.

Ignoring Complaints And Negative Reviews

If a customer has posted a question, complaint or negative review on your social media page, do not delay in replying back. Leaving such feedbacks unattended can cause serious harm to your online reputation. It will make your followers think that their opinions are not valued, causing you to lose them forever. Moreover, dissatisfied customers are likely to post negative comments on other websites as well which may hamper the credibility of your ecommerce business. Make sure you post a genuine reply and assure them that you are working to resolve the issue.

Maintaining One-Way Communication

Most people think that social media is all about promoting products in front of the prospects. However, Facebook and Twitter provide you an opportunity to engage in two way communication with the users, which ultimately delivers better results. Instead of having a sales-only approach, you should focus on interacting with your potential customers to know their likes and interests. This will help you get a better idea of the type of content that will catch their attention.

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