Elements Of A High Quality Website

The website is a reflection of the quality and credibility of your business. In order to make the most out of your investment, it is extremely important to understand a perfect combination of the elements that go into making a high quality website. Apart from providing informative content to the users, a website should also have an aesthetically pleasing and organized layout. The aim should not only be to attract users, but to offer them an incentive to return back to your website.

Here are some of the elements that must be included in your business website design:

  • Neat Appearance: A website that is visually appealing, refined and professional looking is more likely to attract as well as engage visitors. An effective website is the one that includes a seamless blend of design and simplicity. The color selection should be in sync with your brand, text should be properly formatted and easy-to-read. The graphics/images you use should of high quality and there should be sufficient white space to dodge a cluttered look.
  • Quality Content: After appearance, the content is one of the most important elements that determine if a website will generate leads. Make sure your website content is unique, provides relevant information about your products/services and represents your company’s objectives. It should not be copied from any other source as this may lead to being penalized by Google algorithms.
  • Usability: Each and every component of your website should be properly functioning. Broken links or poorly constructed elements can drive back many potential customers. The website’s navigation menu should be organized and clearly structured into relevant categories as well as sub-categories. You can also consider adding a search bar at the top right corner for the convenience of users. The call-to-action buttons, contact forms and log-in or signup pages should also be easily accessible.
  • Social Media Shares: A high number of social media shares correspond to more credibility and popularity of your business. Google also gives a higher ranking to website with an active presence on social media. Therefore, you must include an easy-to-access social media plugins to allow users to easily share your website’s content through various channels.

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