How To Optimize Your Facebook Page For SEO

Considering the importance of a well-developed social presence, many businesses are emphasizing optimization of their Facebook pages in order to reach out to a larger audience. It can not only promote interaction with both existing and potential customers, but also improve your business’ presence in search engine results pages.

Given below are some tips to optimize your Facebook business page for SEO:

  • Choose A Custom URL: Though it may seem obvious to have your brand name in the Facebook URL, you can actually choose a custom URL if your page has 25 or more likes. Make sure the URL you choose comprises your business name or a prominent keyword to make it unique and easy to remember. Also, search engines view the URL as a ranking factor, which strengthens your business’ presence in SERPs.
  • Complete The About Section: Providing complete information about your company is important to position yourself as professional, authoritative and trustworthy. Select a category that most closely represents your business type. Create an informative and detailed description highlighting your main products/services as well as locations served. Include the relevant keywords in the description but avoid going overboard. If you are a local business in Atlanta, GA, ascertain that your address and contact details are accurate.
  • Choose The Right Cover And Profile Photo: A professionally designed cover and profile photo will not only look amazing, but also make your brand stand out from the rest. The cover photo can be anything that depicts the intent of your company or related to a current/upcoming event that you want to promote. You can even provide a caption or a link on the cover photo to direct the users to the specific page on your website. You can choose your company’s logo as the profile picture.
  • Use Call To Action Button: You should include a call to action button on your Facebook page. You can choose from ‘Call Now’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Sign Up’, ‘Send Message’, ‘Send Email’ and many other options. Ideally, the purpose of the button should align with the desired conversion action from the visitors. You can also choose a call-to-action relevant to your cover photo. For instance, if you are promoting an event, your call-to-action should be ‘Sign Up’ so that the user can register for the specific campaign.

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