SEO Benefits Of Online User Reviews

Most business owners approve of the significance of reviews in influencing customers’ decisions. However, a lot of them do not know that reviews can act as a major ranking signal for the search engines to place your website above your competitors. They are an indicative of your company’s reliability, revealing that people are satisfied with your products/services.

Given below are some ways in which online user reviews can improve your website’s SEO:

Provide Unique Content For The Search Engines To Index

Search engine bots rank those websites higher that are constantly updated with fresh and unique content. User-generated reviews are the best way to add new content on your website and social media profiles. This, in turn, makes your web pages more useful for the customers which increases the chances of achieving a higher rank in search engines. If your business serves clients in multiple locations, reviews can improve your ranking for city-specific keywords as well.

Make Your Search Results Stand Out

More the number of Google reviews submitted by your customers, better will be your business’ position in SERPs. The star rating and number of reviews are mentioned along with the search result, which help your business instantly stand out from the rest. This will make your website more authoritative and ranked more prominently in the search engines.

Increase Conversion Rate

As reviews instill a sense of trust among the users, they are more likely to visit your website and make a purchase. Reading reviews assures the users about the quality and authenticity of a product, increasing the likelihood of a conversion. They may also share their opinions after using the product, which further strengthens brand credibility.

Improve Ranking For Long Tail Keywords

The user generated content in the form of reviews includes the keywords and phrases that people generally search for. Thus, it helps to improve your website’s ranking for long tail keywords.  Also, your website is more likely to appear in search results when the users search for ‘product name + reviews’.

Boost Social SEO

Your business’ social media presence also gets a boost through user reviews. When people post reviews on your business page or mention about your products in comments or hashtags, it catches the attention of other users as well as search engine bots. Repeated sharing and commenting will eventually generate a buzz about your brand.

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