How To Promote Online Deals In Atlanta

You might have an absolutely terrific deal, but it is of no use unless you have an effective way to put it out in the world, making sure you reach the largest possible audience. While social networking sites have made it relatively easy to send word out about exciting offers and deals, the idea is to think out of the box and find a way to step-up your competitors. The following tips guide you on how to create viral campaigns to promote online deals for your Atlanta business:

  1. Online deal communities like and could be your best bet to promote holiday deals like special offers or coupon codes among the online community. All that you need to do to submit your deals on these websites is register yourself as a user with them. The great thing about using these sites is that they give users the opportunity to give deals a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and share the deals on social media channels, which gives your online deal the opportunity to go viral.
  2. Make the most of your PPC account with Google, Bing, or Yahoo, by creating an advertizing campaign. While it might be difficult and time-consuming to go into keyword research and campaign creation, pay per click advertizing services help you to save time making it possible to advertize your online deals across all major search engines immediately.
  3. Press releases are another highly effective way to draw immediate attention towards online deals for your Atlanta business. All that you need to do is write a news article about your online deals and promotional offers, and distribute it among leading press release websites. You can make your press release even more attractive by using a specific and eye-catching title, and including images in the press release.
  4. An email campaign targeting your existing customers is a marketing technique that you cannot afford to miss out on when it comes to promoting online deals. Your existing customers will definitely appreciate receiving emails about your ongoing deals, and there is a high probability of them giving you repeat business.
  5. Finally, make the most of social networking sites by sending out regular updates about your latest deals and offers to followers. After all, with 34% of customers stating that they follow brands on social media to receive discounts and promotions, you have a great audience to target on these sites.

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