SEO For Real Estate Agencies In Atlanta GA

Atlanta Real estate SEO can be a challenging task, especially considering the insanely high competition that these websites face, and the lack of knowledge regarding what really works and what doesn’t, when it comes to SEO for real estate businesses in Atlanta. As a real estate agent, you cannot afford to overlook the need for SEO, especially considering that 90% of home buyers start their real estate search online. With real estate transactions ranging in the $100,000s, every single customer makes a major difference, further emphasizing the need for effective SEO.

The most important considerations for a real estate website that ranks high on search engines include:

  • Usefulness and site performance
  • Ease of navigation
  • Pleasing design
  • Local Atlanta based SEO and geo-targeting
  • Social media
  • Link building
  • Optimized and hyper-local content creation
  • Proper URL structure
  • Advanced keyword research

Keyword research is among the greatest challenges faced in real estate SEO. Being one of the most competitive industries online, you need to thoroughly research on solid long-tail keywords that will improve search engine rankings for your website. For instance, as a small or medium real estate agent in Atlanta, you might never be able to beat key real estate websites for a keyword like “Atlanta GA homes for sale”. Instead, it would be a better idea to focus on longer tail keywords , which despite having lower competition, are still popular and have high conversion rates.

Getting inbound links for your real estate website should also be a top priority from the SEO point of view. As far as outbound links for real estate websites are concerned, while it is fine to link with other websites to create good content, trading links with other realtors is an absolute no-no. The strategy behind this outbound linking is to have a useful and relevant page that provides links to other websites with great content, hence adding to its usefulness as well as relevance.

Another tricky consideration is whether widgets are a good idea for real estate website. The simple rule here goes like this- if it adds value to your website and adds to user functionality, it is worth keeping. Finally, make sure that the content you create targets the keywords that you are targeting, and is captivating for your users. The key is to provide content that your users would actually be interested in, and content that is informative, consistent, and original.

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