How to Test Your SEO Strategy?

Monitoring and testing your SEO strategy is highly important due to the dynamic nature of Search Engine Algorithms. Regular SEO assessment helps in identifying the shortcomings of the SEO strategy with respect to the business goals.

Manual testing is commonly used by professionals to regularly audit the SEO strategy. The following are important elements that should be audited for efficient SEO testing:

  • Page Loading Speed: It is an important element considered by search engines such as Google when ranking a page. A slow loading page results in a negative user experience and leads to a higher bounce rate. Page load speed can be tested using different tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool. The tool indicates the page’s loading time and also provides recommendations to improve it.
  • URL Optimization: When a webpage is created, it gets a default URL which is a combination of random alphabets and symbols. This type of URL does not provide any insight related to what the page is about and is indicative of poor SEO. Thus, pay attention to URLs during SEO strategy testing. Check if all the URLs are well drafted. Technically, the URL should not be more than five words in length separated by hyphens for readability.
  • Meta Tags & Meta Descriptions: An effective SEO strategy should consider meta tags and meta descriptions. These tags help web crawlers in understanding the content of the webpage. Additionally, the Meta title tag and Meta description can be displayed on SERP listings by search engines and can help users understand if the webpage matches their search intent. It is important to include the primary keyword in the title tag and description, preferably towards the beginning.
  • Media Optimization (Images & Videos): Adding media files to a webpage helps in breaking the monotony of the page content. The SEO strategy should lay out specific guidelines for optimizing media files embedded on a webpage. When conducting SEO strategy test, check if the media files have an optimized file name and alt tags. Also, check if the files are compressed as it can affect the page loading speed.
  • Content Optimization: Unique and quality content is one of the building blocks of an SEO strategy. When testing your SEO strategy, check if the content is optimized by checking content elements such as use of proper keywords and appropriate keyword density in the content.
  • Backlinks: Use tools such as Google Search Console, etc. to check your backlinks. Make sure the backlinks are functional and authentic. Using techniques such as buying backlinks can have an adverse effect on your SEO.

Analyze the results of test reports for all the elements. Some additional elements such as proper domain name, mobile friendliness, and proper placement of social media widgets can also be tested for better insight. Understand if any report indicates poor performance and alter your SEO strategy accordingly.

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