Role of Social Media in SEO Strategy

Social media has gained high popularity in recent years and has emerged as an effective platform for businesses to build customer relations and market their products. Although there are a wide number of social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, & LinkedIn are some of the most popular social media networks. Owing to this popularity, these networks have secured their place in every digital marketing strategy.

While entrepreneurs/business owners and digital marketing strategists are agreeing to the importance of social media, a majority of them still fail to understand the exact role social media plays in SEO. Social media doesn’t have a direct impact on SEO as stated by Google – ‘Social media signals have no bearing on SEO’, but it influences other factors that affect search engine rankings.

Let’s delve deeper into the role of social media in SEO:

  1. Build High-Quality Links: Backlinks are an important search engine ranking element. The quantity and quality of backlinks has substantial impact on the search engine rankings of a website. The quality of content you post on social media and the number of shares it receives helps in generating backlinks.
  2. Reach Out To Large Audience: Creating a product is the foundation of a business but introducing it to the right audience is the key to success. As per a report, 85% of mobile internet users are active on social media. This makes social media an effective platform to market your product to a vast audience. Once you determine the social media network used by your target audience demographic, you can plan a strategic social media campaign to reach this global audience. This improves awareness of your brand and product leading to higher engagement. This in turn builds consumer curiosity resulting in the increased number of website visitors.
  3. Higher Number of Brand-Related Searches: When you provide quality content on social media networks regularly, it helps in building brand awareness. Consumers become aware of your brand, products, and services. Regular consumer interaction on social media improves customers’ reliability of your brand and establishes your image as a reliable provider of concerning products or services. Thus, consumers tend to directly search for your brand if they need the concerned products or tend to click on your website link in search results. The Click-through rate is an effective SEO element in improving search engine rankings. Additionally, these clicks have a lower bounce rate which further strengthens your website’s SEO.
  4. Understand User intent: Social media provides a platform for a business to interact with its customers and understand what they are interested in. These interactions can also help in understanding the market gap by analyzing customer feedback and available products. A thorough analysis of social media interactions can provide a vivid picture of user intent when they search for a related keyword. This will help you in creating website content that answers to their search intent helping your website rank higher for relevant keywords.

In order to leverage social media for improving SEO, it is important to formulate an effective Social Media strategy. Centex Technologies helps businesses with social media campaigns and SEO. To know more, visit Centex Technologies at 1201 Peachtree ST, NE, Atlanta, GA – 30361 or call (404) 994 – 5074. You can also browse through



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