How To Use SEO Pyramid Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is the process of formulating and implementing strategies to improve ranking of a business on search engine results. It creates awareness about the products & services offered by business, thus increasing the bottom line figures.

SEO can be termed as an online marketing strategy that has various components. All these components form a pyramid structure called SEO Pyramid; where the most important component forms the base and the weightage decreases as you progress towards the tip of the pyramid.

The components of SEO Pyramid are:

  • Content (Base)
  • Keywords (Level 1)
  • Link Building (Level 2)
  • Social Media (Tip)

Content: The content of website and its structural design contribute towards elevating user’s experience. So it is important to make sure that the content of a website is of high quality and throws light on the nature and product of your business. Generally, the quality of website content is measured by parameters like bounce rate, average time spent by users on website and the loading time.

Furthermore, the content should be categorized to make it easy for users to locate various services provided by you and must be arranged in a way that enables easy navigation. Also, it is important to ensure that your website does not have any crawl errors like 404 Server Error.

Keywords: They are the terms used by users to search for a product or service on a search engine. Users, who are closer to sealing a purchase, tend to use three or four word phrases that are more specific to the product or service. Such keywords are known as long-tail keywords. It is beneficial to research such keywords and wisely incorporate them in the title of your page, URL, meta tags, content and posts for on-page optimization.
Link Building: A great way to improve SEO of your website is to have good quality links. Such links can be created by writing blog posts or videos for your website which can then be linked by other websites. Writing guest posts for other websites, getting links from your associates, suppliers or business directories are also creative ways of building links. It is important to refrain from black hat strategies to build links as they are often penalized by search engines.

Social Media: Social media is a great platform to improve SEO for your business. So, create pages for your business on various social media platforms, join groups and forums to connect with businesses that have similar products or services as you. Answering queries or posting articles on social media pages helps in generating awareness about your business and also improves your network. Also, it is important to include social sharing button in your posts so that users may share the information related to your business.

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