Ways To Use LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network with approximately 562 million users worldwide. Owing to the level of reach it offers; it has become a vital internet marketing tool.

LinkedIn poses great SEO and lead generation benefits as not only does it increase the chance of reaching out to right people but also adds credibility to your profile. It facilitates potential clients in finding you quickly by increasing search prominence within LinkedIn.

Professional network and ranking of LinkedIn can be used to garner advantage for your website by using a few simple tricks:

  • Your profile picture, summary and headline are among the first things that are noticed when a user visits your LinkedIn profile. Choose a professional picture and title it with your skill so that when a user searches that skill, your profile pops up in the results. Use a headline to grab attention with your skills and expertize. Also explain your business, career history and skills thoroughly in the summary section.
  • Use keyword rich text in posts. It is important to choose the keywords wisely after conducting extensive research on search terms used by people. Include relevant keywords in posts, pictures, profile headline and summary but make sure that the keywords are incorporated subtly in the profile and don’t look deliberately thrown around the page.
  • A great SEO strategy is to include back links in different sections of your profile viz. summary and posts. Provide link to your website or blog and post your website content on your LinkedIn page. Make use of reverse strategy by using content Links and including LinkedIn sharing button on your blog or website articles.
  • Social presence is an integral part of SEO. So, publish regularly on your page to mark your presence and prove your skills and knowledge. Regular publishing adds credibility to the profile and is also an apt way to advertize your company updates.
  • Connect with the leaders and decision makers to update your knowledge as having the right connections is the essence of success. Build the connections that will help you achieve your goal.

A great tip to effectively use LinkedIn is to get recommendations from your connections and customize your profile URL to contain your name. This would make it easier for potential clients to find and connect with you.

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