Importance Of Meta Tags & Title Tags For A Website

Meta tags and title tags have always been one of the most basic elements of SEO.  If these two elements are optimized correctly, there are higher chances that the search engine crawlers will find your website, which can ultimately lead to a better ranking in search results and increased website traffic.


A title tag summarizes the content of each page of your website. It is equally critical from SEO point of view because the search engine crawlers use these to determine the ranking for your website. Title tag is the first piece of information that the users get about your website in the SERPs and evaluate if the page is relevant to their search or not.

Tips To Create Title Tags:

  • Keep It Unique: Each webpage should have a different title tag relevant to the content.
  • Keep It Short: The title tag should be 60 to 70 characters long including spaces. Exceeding this limit may cause it to appear incorrectly in the search engine results.
  • Include Keywords: Include keywords, particularly in the beginning of the title tag to give it a greater visibility and higher click-through-rate. However, make sure to avoid keyword stuffing as this may get your website penalized by Google.
  • Branding: The title tag of your website’s home page must contain your company’s name. You can use it either at the beginning or end of the title, along with relevant keyword phrases.


Meta tags are HTML or XHTML components that provide information about what a specific web page is all about. These tags are embedded in the source code of your website. Meta tags are important for a website as these are one of the first things that a search engine reads to learn more and recapitulate the contents of the page. Mainly, there are two types of meta tags that are most important to websites:

  • Meta Description: As the name suggests, it provides the search engines with a short description about a web page. The meta description is shown in the SERPs below the title tags.
  • Meta Robots: This tag is used to manage the accessibility of any web page to be indexed by search engines. Using the meta robots tag, you can either allow or forbid the search engines to index a specific page, archive it or follow its links.

Tips To Create Meta Tags:

  • Make It Unique: Just like the title tags, meta tags should be unique and relevant to the content of the page.
  • Include Keywords: Keywords pertinent to the searched phrase will appear in bold and therefore, may increase your click-through rate.
  • Keep Appropriate Length: The meta description tag should be between 150-160 characters to sufficiently provide the relevant information.

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