Optimizing Your Atlanta Based Ecommerce Store

Search engine optimization is a must for every local business to stay ahead of its competitors. If you own an online store in Atlanta, optimizing your website in the right manner can go a long way in increasing your sales and ROI. Although the basic SEO factors like adding informative content, generating quality backlinks and improving title tags remain the same, there is a lot more required to boost your rankings in searches particularly relevant to the city. Using highly targeted and niche specific keywords can drive quality traffic to your website.

Here are some of the tips that can help to promote your ecommerce store among the people of Atlanta:

Determine NAP

NAP represents the name, address and phone number of your store. Even if you do not carry out business activities from a brick and mortar location, you still need to provide a physical location and contact number through which your potential customers can get in touch with you. These details should be mentioned either in the footer or header on every page of your website. If you have more than one location in Atlanta, consider creating a separate web listing for all the addresses. You should also verify the consistency of your address on different web sources. It should have the same spellings and abbreviations throughout.

Research And Use Keywords Specific To Atlanta

Including location name in keywords is a much known SEO strategy. However, in order to achieve a higher conversion rate, you need to determine what people are searching for when they actually purchase something online. This requires an extensive research for keywords specific to the web users in Atlanta. Once you have found the most appropriate keywords, try to use them judiciously in your URLs, title tags, meta tags, product descriptions, web content etc. Publishing unique and informative content that interests the users is the key to a successful ecommerce website. For instance, if you have an online fashion store, you must research what are the current trends in Atlanta and write content related to that.

Create A Business Listing

Creating a business listing is a sure way to increase the ranking of your ecommerce website in local search results. If your business is already on Google, claim your listing and make the necessary changes to ensure everything is correct. Provide your business’ NAP, working hours, description and all other pertinent details while including the Atlanta specific keywords. You should also include social media in your local SEO strategies. Being actively present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest can make a whole lot of difference in the popularity of your store in Atlanta.

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