Effective Social Media Tactics For Getting More Clicks

Social media has evolved as an important channel for business promotions over the course of years. Posting relevant content on Facebook and Twitter not only introduces your brand to the potential customers but also allows them to communicate directly with the administrator. However, mere posting regular updates and providing links to your website does not guarantee a successful social media campaign. Read on to know some of the social media tactics that can effectively boost your website traffic.

Give A Visual Treat To Your Audiences

In order to encourage the audience to read your updates, you must make your posts visually appealing. Always include quality images, videos or infographics along with your posts. Be it Facebook or Twitter, adding pictures will surely increase the number of clicks and eventually, your website’s traffic.

Share Interesting Content

No matter what type of business you have, it is important that your posts should always be interesting and relevant. Low quality or inappropriate content is never liked by users and may lead to a sharp drop in your social media traffic. If you frequently share interesting content, people would look forward to your updates and your website is quite likely to receive the desired clicks.

Write Persuasive Posts

Social media updates can be compared to a news headline. It should be written in a way that persuades the reader to know more about the topic. The writing style should be convincing enough for the people to click on the link to read the entire content. The most-clicked updates are always written in an easy language and left unfinished to trigger a huge amount of curiosity. Adding influential one liners, eye-catching phrases or tag lines to your posts can also be a good idea.

Use Hashtags Cleverly

Thoughtful use of hashtags can make a huge difference in your website’s click-through rate. People often search for popular hashtags in search engines instead of keyword phrases. Including relevant hashtags in your posts will help users find your posts about a specific topic of interest. For instance, if you are posting something about Twitter, you can use #Twitter, #socialmedia etc.

Schedule Your Updates

Most business owners have a misconception that the more frequently they share posts, more will be the number of followers. However, it is often observed that people tend to getexasperated if you overwhelm them with constant updates. You should maintain an optimal frequency in sharing posts, depending on your target audiences and the social media platform you are using.

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